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Wadena man faces domestic assault charge over cookie

On May 25 at approximately 1 a.m., officers were informed of a domestic disturbance at a Wadena residence.

According to court records, a woman said she and William Charles Hajder, 45, were living together as roommates along with her three children. And when she tried to eat a cookie, Hajder became angry because crumbs were falling onto a desk, court documents said.

After briefly stepping outside, Hajder came back in yelling and throwing objects, reports said, adding that he was also upset because the woman made a plate of food for herself and nothing for him. As the woman attempted to move away from Hajder and into the kitchen, he followed her. When she turned around, she said Hajder head butted her, forcing her lower teeth through her lip.

The woman then threatened to contact police, and Hajder said authorities wouldn't believe her. According to court records, Hajder, whose license was revoked because of prior alcohol offenses, then left the residence in a pickup.

Authorities asked one of Hajder's friends where Hajder was and found out Hajder was at his home. Todd County authorities were able to apprehend Hajder at the residence, without further incident.

Hajder admitted to consuming alcohol, but did not submit to a Breathalyzer.

Hajder faces a gross misdemeanor charge of domestic assault as a subsequent violation, and is currently pending on a gross misdemeanor domestic assault charge from an incident that occurred on March 2. He also has a prior qualified domestic violence-related conviction from June, 2006. His hearing is set for July 9.