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Filings open for SWCD supervisors

Individuals concerned about water quality and soil erosion in Hubbard County should consider filing by June 5 to run for the position of Supervisor of the Hubbard Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).

"Supervisors play an important role in how our community deals with a wide variety of resource management issues, including wetlands, lake and groundwater quality, and soil erosion" noted Mark Sommer, District Manager with the Hubbard SWCD.

"Serving as a supervisor is a terrific opportunity for people who want a voice in how we manage our environment," he said.

SWCDs are special purpose units of government that manage and direct conservation programs, such as the state Cost-Share Program, the RIM conservation easements, and the Local Water Plan.  An elected board of Supervisors governs each of Minnesota's 90 SWCDs.

This year, the SWCD has three Supervisor positions up for election. SWCD candidates appear on the ballot for the general election, which will take place Nov. 6. Candidates are elected county wide, but must reside in one of the nomination districts up for election.

These include:

District 1: Fern, Rockwood, Helga, Lake Hattie, Schoolcraft, Lake Alice and Lake George.

District 2: Farden, Guthrie, Hart Lake, Hendrickson, Lakeport and Steamboat.

District 3:  Clover, Clay, Thorpe, Arago, Lake Emma, Mantrap and Akeley.

SWCD Supervisors serve four-year terms.

Supervisors meet monthly to discuss the business of the SWCD, including state grant allocations to landowners, district conservation priorities, coordination with other local units of government and state agencies and legislative priorities. Supervisors do not receive a salary, although they do receive compensation for attending meetings and are reimbursed for expenses.

Those interested in running for Supervisor should file at the County Auditor's office through June 5. Additional information about the SWCD can be found online at or by calling the office at 732-0121.