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Strange jelly-like blobs found on patio near Dent

Strange substance found on patio near Dent

DENT, Minn. - An Otter Tail County couple woke up Saturday to find strange jelly-like blobs on their patio at their home near Dent.

"(My husband) happened to look out and saw what looked like hail. It wasn't very many of them," said Debra Eull. "They're little jelly blobs,"

Eull said the clear blobs appeared after the rain. "I have to assume they came out of the sky," she said.

So just what could be this Dippity Doo-like substance be?

"I would say looking at it and feeling it, it probably is just a water retention gel of some sort. A silicone polymer ... maybe. Or some other type of polymer that just absorbs and traps a lot of water," said Jeff Bodwin, a Minnesota State University Moorhead chemistry professor.

Bodwin thinks that the gel was in Debra's potted garden plants to absorb water. They likely spilled out on to the patio, and the rain on Friday night likely made them get bigger.

Greenhouse owners confirmed that this is a kind of substance they use in some potted plants, but to be safe the MSUM chemistry department took a sample of the blobs to analyze.