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Howard Lake woman charged in Menahga domestic assault

A Howard Lake woman faces two domestic assault charges, one a gross misdemeanor, due to the offense being within 10 years of a prior conviction.

Court documents state that on April 28 at approximately 11:58 p.m., Menahga officers responded to an assault complaint. Upon arriving at the residence, they were met by a man claiming Krista Marie Lehtola, 25, attacked his wife, a family member to Lehtola.

According to court records, the man held down Lehtola on the floor. Officers noted blood on the floor, which was photographed.

The man stated Lehtola hit his wife on the back of the head, and when he tried to gain control of her, she bit him on his forearm.

Another woman, who was present at the scene, also claimed to have been hit by Lehtola.

Lehtola's relative said the suspect left the residence earlier that evening and returned with her pants around her ankles and began calling the woman names and yelling, court records said. Supposedly an item was used to strike her, but no witnesses could tell what was used.

Lehtola was only wearing her pants and an undergarment when taken into custody. She admitted to using alcohol and marijuana earlier that night.

Court documents recorded a PBT sample from Lehtola, with a result of .192 blood alcohol content.

Lehtola refused to give a statement to authorities.

She also has a prior conviction for fifth degree assault in September of 2007.

According to court records, she is out on bail under the conditions of following recommendations of a mental health doctor or chemical dependency issues.

Lehtola's initial court appearance is set for May 14.