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Deer herd runs into windows, doorways in downtown Moorhead

A deer smashed this large glass window Saturday on the south side of Moorhead Center Mall. Rob Beer / The Forum

MOORHEAD - A herd of white-tailed deer gave Scheels and the Moorhead Center Mall some unexpected business late Saturday morning.

According to the Moorhead Police Department, officers responded to a call around 11:35 a.m. about disoriented deer in the 500 block of Center Avenue.

The group of about six deer startled business owners and customers when they ran into windows and doorways.

Nails Pro owner Brian Nguyen watched as one of the deer broke a glass window in the courtyard area on the south side of the mall and suffered fatal injuries.

The sound startled salon patrons. "It was really loud," he said.

Across the hall, Glik's manager Nikki Miller heard the crash and left the shop to investigate.

She was upset by the sight of the bloodied deer lying on the ground. "It was bad," she said.

Miller said the whole ordeal happened quickly. "The police came right away, which is good, because the deer was suffering," she said.

Another deer was struck by a minivan and then ran into the front door of Scheels, causing front-end damage to the vehicle and fatally injuring the deer.

"One of the fawns ran into our parking lot after being hit by a vehicle," said Luke Torgerson, Scheels assistant manager.

The deer smashed into the front door, then died near the street. The door didn't break, but it had blood residue on it that Scheels workers promptly cleaned up.

As officers arrived on scene, the other deer had made their way back to the river, the police news release said.

"There was one deer dead by the mall and one deer dead by U.S. Bank," Torgerson said. "You don't see that every day, when you see two dead deer in downtown Moorhead."

No deer were reported to have entered any businesses, and no one reported having any direct contact with the animals, the release said.

Sgt. Deric Swenson said one deer was taken for food and one was taken to the zoo to feed the wolves.