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Luetgers' T&M stations convert to Shell brand

New signs were springing up in Akeley, above, Nevis and Park Rapids last week at the T&M stations. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Park Rapids, Nevis and Akeley T&M (Ted and Mary Luetgers') stations are sporting new signage and pumps.

"There are several reasons we decided to convert our gas brand to Shell," operations manager Nancy Luetgers Lewis said.  "We wanted a fresh, clean look at the gas islands and Shell's brand image fit the bill perfectly."  

Shell has several consumer options for credit and debit cards that offer cents off per gallon savings on gas and diesel purchases, Lewis said. Because there are options, customers can choose the type of card that works the best for their purchasing habits.  

"Another reason we felt Shell was the right choice for us is the fact that the Shell branded gasoline that we will be selling at our locations is produced locally at the refinery in Mandan, N.D.," she said. "So, even though Shell is a global company, our customers will be purchasing a gasoline product that is supporting the local and regional economy."

With the change to Shell there are still many things that will remain the same, she said.  The stores are still under the same ownership and management and will continue to operate as T&M Express.  

Also, the Patron Points customer loyalty program is still offered so customers can continue to save points and earn rewards.

"The Shell conversion is one way we are trying to enhance our offerings to our customers.  We have also remodeled the bathrooms in our Akeley location and that store will be getting a facelift on the exterior of the store this summer.  

"Our Park Rapids location now has three brand new gasoline dispensers that also now offer diesel under the canopy as well. We are also looking at the trends in the industry and are expanding our offerings of fresh and healthy food choices at all of our store locations," she said.