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Internet sensation Corky the cat to have a portion of left leg amputated

Corky the cat enjoys some time outdoors Tuesday in Casselton, N.D. Special to The Forum

CASSELTON, N.D. - Three weeks after having surgery to fix his twisted hind legs, 8-month-old cat Corky will have a portion of his left leg removed.

"He did everything he could to save that foot," Gail Ventzke said of Dr. Dan Burchill, Corky's surgeon at Casselton Veterinary Service.

Ventzke, of Fargo's CATS Cradle Shelter, said since his story first hit the Internet, Corky has become a national - and international - media star.

Although an "Inside Edition" feature has been put on hold due to today's emergency surgery, Corky will be featured on a segment of CNN's "Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer" around 4:55 this evening.

For more on Corky, check back at for updates and read tomorrow's Forum.