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Wadena woman faces three felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon

Nichole Loraine Shoultz

A Wadena woman allegedly stabbed a man and herself and is facing three felony assault charges.

According to court records, at approximately 10:55 p.m. on April 11, officers were advised of a stabbing at a Wadena residence. They arrived at the home to find the front door was ajar and a man and woman were standing in the kitchen. The woman, Nichole Loraine Shoultz, 28, of Wadena, was brandishing a butcher knife, said court documents.

Shoultz was allegedly attempting to stab herself in the wrist and then faced one of the officers with the knife in a threatening manner.

One attempt to tase the suspect failed, but as she was distracted the alleged victim removed the knife from her hand and placed it atop the refrigerator, according to court documents.

Shoultz was then tased an additional time and officers were able to handcuff her after a brief struggle.

The suspect's left wrist had sustained injuries and officers were able to wrap and tend to the wound before she was taken for medical attention.

Court records state Shoultz had just been released from Shakopee Prison approximately three weeks prior and was subject to supervised release conditions. An officer observed indicators that Shoultz was intoxicated during the incident, and after three attempts to obtain a PBT sample her test resulted in a 0.163 blood alcohol level.

Officers also provided medical assistance to the alleged victim who had a single stab wound caused by a steak knife found in the kitchen sink, according to court documents. The wound was near the victim's left kidney.

Both parties were taken to Tri-County Hospital where the stab wound victim was then airlifted to St. Cloud Hospital for his injuries.

Court records state that at approximately 1 a.m. on April 12, a statement was taken from Shoultz who admitted to being an alcoholic, and having some friends over earlier that evening for drinks. The women had woken the alleged victim who had gone to bed for work in the morning, said court documents, and an argument ensued between him and Shoultz. Shoultz claimed that he had backhanded her, and that due to a history of self- injury, she then proceeded to obtain a knife with which to cut herself.

As the victim attempted to get the knife away from Shoultz, he tried to put his arm around her and that was when Shoultz stuck the knife in his back, said court records.

However, in a statement taken from the victim at approximately 11:15 a.m., he said he had returned home that evening from work and could already smell alcohol on Shoultz. Shoultz then invited friends over when he had laid down, which woke him and resulted in a disagreement that led Shoultz to hit and smack him as well as destroy their television, said court documents.

Court records said he stated, "Nichole just freaked out." When it seemed she was calming down, he approached her and Shoultz pretended to want a hug, but stabbed him instead. The two friends Shoultz had over then fled and that was when Shoultz began stabbing herself, said court documents.

Shoultz also stated she had no recollection of why she did what she did, nor any memory of officers tasing her or a struggle. Court records document her saying, "There's no reason for what I did."

Shoultz had been convicted of gross misdemeanor fourth degree assault in July 2011, as well as fifth degree domestic assault and two counts of felony fourth degree assault. Another conviction of fifth degree assault was documented in August of 2011.

According to court documents, a restraining order for the stab victim has been placed on Shoultz, as well as a bond of $250,000 or a cash amount of $25,000 with conditions such as submitting to a base line test, seeing a nurse for mental health issues and abstaining from alcohol.

Shoultz faces charges of second degree assault with bodily harm, second degree assault with a deadly weapon, and fifth degree assault from two or more previous convictions within three years. All are felony counts.

Her initial court appearance is set for April 23.