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April 16-20 is Severe Weather Awareness Week

The Hubbard County Sheriff's Office-Emergency Management Office reminds local citizens that April 16- 20 is Minnesota's Severe Weather Awareness Week.

As the summer season arrives, the sheriff's office recommends all residents establish a plan and practice tornado and severe thunderstorm drills to become familiar with safety actions.

The Severe Weather Awareness Week campaign is designed to inform and prepare the public and encourages the proper protective actions to reduce the loss of life and damage to property when threatened by Minnesota's severe weather.

Each day of the week will focus on a different type of hazardous summer weather.

Monday, April 16 - Thunderstorms, hail, lightning and straight-line winds;

Tuesday, April 17 - Severe weather warnings;

Wednesday, April 18 - Floods and flash floods;

Thursday, April 19 - Tornado drill day and

Friday, April 20 - heat.

At 1:45 p.m. and 6:55 p.m. April 19 the State of Minnesota is conducting its state-wide tornado drill. While many residents will be in school or working at this time, residents are asked to conduct the drill actions as if the simulated storm is real.

Also, as the family gathers together later in the evening, another drill/siren activation will occur and another drill is recommended to practice keeping your family safe in the event of natural disaster.

Any questions and concerns can be referred to Deputy Brian Halbasch at 732-2588 or