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Drainage issues surface around Discovery Circle

The blue areas shown are where spring flooding occurred in the Discovery Circle addition. According to the city engineer, many properties are at elevations susceptible to spring runoff and accumulation.

Options are available to alleviate drainage issues in Discovery Circle.

Several comments were received about drainage issues in the area at a recent public hearing about a proposed water and sanitary sewer improvement project. The issues were predominantly detected during the spring thaw.

City engineer Jon Olson did some research on drainage in the area and made some conclusions. He presented the findings to the Park Rapids City Council Tuesday.

On the west half of the development water collects and drains to the Timbers Addition and the system frequently becomes overwhelmed. On the east half of the development water collects on the southeast side.

There is a lack of designed water storage. While most of the water collection is a nuisance for residents, a few homeowners reported the need to sand bag the basement and garage doors at times.

An option to alleviate some of the drainage issues is to add basins on the west end and southeast end of the development. Storm sewer and ditch modification would be part of the project.

Olson said there are no guarantees that flooding conditions would be eliminated because many of the properties are at elevations that are susceptible to flooding.

Storm and drainage improvements are 90 percent assessable, according to city policy, and another public hearing would be required.

The cost estimate per lot would be about $2,500 per lot. This would be in addition to already proposed utility and street improvements.

The city will hold a public hearing in April to receive comments from residents about the issue.

In other business, the council:

n Approved a refunding bond sale for $2,980,000. The refunding will save the city $136,178 over the life of the bond.

n Recognized employees for years of service to the city. Dion Pederson has worked for the city for 10 years and Francis Hauber has worked for the city for 5 years.

n Heard from councilman Pat Mikesh that he would like more detailed invoices from Ulteig Engineers, the firm used by the city. The request was prompted by a bill to pay $12,266.37 to the firm without details. The finance committee will meet with Olson, from Ulteig Engineers, next week and discuss the discrepancy.