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HC Land Department explains spring planting of 300,000 pine seedlings

Raul Escobedo plants trees. (Submitted photo)1 / 2
Modesto Salas holds a planting. (Submitted photo)2 / 2

In the spring of each year the Hubbard County Natural Resource Management Department ensures that the future pineries will continue to provide the ecological, social and financial well being of our community. This year, that will be accomplished by planting approximately 300,000 Norway Pine seedlings on 386 acres of County Administered Lands.

Here, in Hubbard County, we have a unique situation in the fact that the county board has granted a considerable amount of leeway to experiment in devising a method of Integrated Forest Vegetation Management System that works and is successful in regenerating our pine forests. Many other agencies do not have the ability to deviate from standard practices to fit local conditions. The Board's confidence has paid off in that we have developed a system that works and that other agencies inquire about and would like to duplicate the results of.

During the contracting procedure, many contractors that provide seedlings and provide tree planting services are contacted to get quotes to ensure that the money spent on planting stock and the labor to plant them are spent wisely.

The seedlings this year will be supplied by the DNR's nursery in Badoura and the labor will be through Superior Forestry based in Arkansas. The planters are migrant workers from either Mexico or Guatemala and have always done an exemplary job for the citizens of Hubbard County. On an average, the planters put 5,000 correctly planted seedlings in the ground per day for each person on the crew. For anyone that has planted trees they know what a feat that is!

This is just one part of the process of Natural Resource Management that takes place to ensure the future of the great outdoor way of life that we have come to appreciate and enjoy here in Hubbard County.