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Panther Post: Third graders to receive ball chairs thanks to donations

Our third grade classroom recently received funding to get 10 ball chairs for student use and we are so excited. The ball chair funding came from various donations made through, an online charity. Donors Choose is a nonprofit organization that "connects public school teachers with people who want to support classroom learning." Our classroom learning has certainly been impacted by Donors Choose as ball chairs will be beneficial to student success!

I feel that getting ball chairs in our classrooms instead of hard, plastic chairs will change student lives for the better. Ball chairs have been implemented in other classrooms across the country, even Century Elementary, and teachers are raving about the success. Ball chairs have been shown to help balance, core strength, attention, spinal alignment, and posture because they allow constant movement. The movement provided from these chairs increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain resulting in healthier children. Also, it is a great way to incorporate physical activity in a world that has become more sedentary.

The students and I are beyond excited to put the ball chairs to use! Our class would like to give a special thank you to: West Central Telephone Association, Colleen and David Theis, Matt and Lecil Miller, Marissa Dolson family, Boede Persing and the Hayes Family, and Michael Fieldsend and family, for the donations you have made toward our project.

When I started the project to get ball chairs for students in my classroom, I thought it would take awhile to accrue enough funding. I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many other people agreed that ball chairs would be a great resource for a classroom. My present and future students will have a better classroom experience because we came together as a community, using Donors Choose, to tailor their education.