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ND deputy involved in three crashes is fired

MANNING -- Dunn County Sheriff Don Rockvoy said he fired a deputy Wednesday, who caused three automobile accidents in a 13-month period.

Rockvoy added that it is "unfortunate" former deputy Leif Anderson is no longer working for the county, but maintains it was the right decision.

"I did what I had to do," Rockvoy said. (Anderson's accidents) just got to be a liability issue."

Despite Anderson's driving history, Rockvoy thinks he was a good deputy.

"I don't like letting anybody go because officers like Anderson don't come along every day," he said. "(Anderson) was very good on his investigations and reports. He was top notch when it came to that, but there were some other issues that we couldn't get past."

Anderson declined to comment Wednesday.

A few weeks ago, Anderson caused $4,000 in damages to a patrol car after he fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into a ditch five miles south of Dunn Center, Rockvoy said.

"I just have the worst luck in the world," Anderson told Dunn County commissioners earlier this month. "Sometimes it does happen on my shift when I feel tired. I will stop the car and get out and do something about it. In this instance, it didn't happen."

Anderson also said that on two other occasions, he crashed into a guard rail while looking at his computer screen and slid into an approach in an attempt to pass another vehicle.

During a county commission meeting in early March, officials expressed concerns regarding Anderson's situation.

"What if somebody gets killed on the road because you run into them," asked Ross Sundeen, Dunn County state's attorney.

Some commissioners were understanding.

"I worked years and years of shift work on the rigs, and some days it don't matter, you can't stay awake," Commissioner Bob Kleemann said.

Anderson left on peaceful terms with the county, Rockvoy said.

"We talked things over, and when we were done, we shook hands," Rockvoy said. "(Anderson) has just got to make some changes, carry on and move forward."