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Agriculture's importance stressed at annual Ag Day

Fourth graders got up close and personal with Exhibits A and B at Hubbard County Ag Day last week. (Submitted photo)1 / 2
Hubbard County Extension coordinator Sally Shearer spoke about the growing business of beekeeping in the area. Annual Extension seminars have ignited a widespread interest in bees and honey production. (Submitted photo)2 / 2

Youth in Hubbard County came together to learn from local experts about the importance of agriculture Thursday for Hubbard County Ag Day 2012.

Organized by the University of Minnesota Extension Office, youth learned how food, fiber and renewable resource products are produced. They were also taught how agriculture is essential in a strong economy and how much of our daily life is dependent on agriculture.

"It's great how local experts share how we are locally and globally connected to agriculture," said Mark Haugen, 4-H Program Coordinator. "Our presenters do a great job of presenting this high quality experience to our fourth graders each year."

This year there were seven sessions for fourth graders:

n 4-H: Jill, Hannah and Austin Arvik.

n Beef farming: Tim Pearson.

n Dairy farming: Leann Willenbring and Bonita Oestreich.

n Hubbard County Soil and Water: Alicia Laturnus and Russ Johnsrud (Natural Resource Conservation Service).

n Monocots and dicots: Hubbard County Master Gardeners.

n Agribusiness: Tyler White (Prairie Lakes Coop).

n Horticulture and landscaping: Shannon Henrickson (Touch of Eden Landscaping).

n Keynote - The Life of a Honey Bee: Sally Shearer (U of MN Extension).

Pearson, Willenbring, Oestreich and Henrickson were first-year volunteer presenters.