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Connie Carmichael

Excerpts taken from the Park Rapids Enterprise. These entries are taken verbatim to preserve the flavor of the stories. That includes spelling errors and often, missing names.

100 years ago (1912)

Jan. 18, 1912

Fire last week at Hubbard: M.M. Loring's store, post office burn

On Thursday last the store and post office owned by M.M. Loring was burned.

The fire occurred about noon and was first discovered by parties in the store. The building was a one story frame, and was heated with a stove. The chimney between the ceiling and roof must have been defective, for the fire started above the ceiling and was not discovered until it burst thru into the room below.

Help was summoned at once, and attention was first given to saving the mail and post office equipment. This was practically all saved, but by the time it was removed the fire was falling thru the ceiling in several places and but little of the stock of goods contained in the building could be removed.

Mr. Loring carried a good stock of merchandise, and with the building his loss will amount to $4,000. He carried $2,000 insurance. The post office was moved into the building directly across the street, and Mr. Loring is taking care of that part of business as well as he can under the circumstances. It took a hard fight to save Mr. Loring's residence from the fire. The building stands only a few feet from the store building, and it was only by most determined efforts by a bucket brigade that the home was saved.

70 years ago (1942)

March 5, 1942

Auto ration plan now in effect here; Sale restricted for few groups

Rationing of automobile purchases went into effect here and in other communities throughout the state this week under stringent regulations, laid down by Price Administrator Leon Henderson, which will restrict car sales even more drastically than the allocations.

Sales of new passenger cars were stopped under a general "freezing" order that went into effect January 1.

Few persons will be able to buy cars, however, T.G. Driscoll, state director of commodity allocation, indicated. Only 2,503 new cars will be available for the whole state during March, April and May under quotas laid down by Henderson's office. Hubbard County's quota is 9 cars.

March 12, 1942

Stamp books arrive; Sugar rationing will start soon

Rationing of sugar will commence in about two weeks, it is thought by members of the Hubbard County Commodity Allocation Board.

Stamp books and supplies for registering Hubbard County's 10,000 or more inhabitants, all of who are entitled to one War Ration Book No. 1 arrived here the first of the week.

50 years ago (1962)

March 22, 1962

Kahlstorf Company Shop swept by $50,000 fire

Two serious fires in Hubbard County Tuesday caused damage estimated in excess of $65,000. The more serious of the two fires destroyed the Kahlstorf Construction Company repair shop located east of Lake George on Highway 71.

Elmer Kahlstorf estimated his loss in building and equipment in excess of $50,000. Earlier in the evening about 8:45 a large barn on the Albert Knutson farm, located about 4 miles west of Guthrie was destroyed, along with 200 head of sheep and about 500 bales of hay. Loss is estimated at about $15,000.