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Suspect in failed 'suicide by cop' case to be evaluated

Bradley James Ellison

A man charged in a botched suicide attempt Dec. 27 in which two local officers were injured is to undergo a mental evaluation.

"He's competent now," said public defender Jennifer Nelson of her client, Bradley James Ellison, 52.

"I don't believe he was competent at the time of the offense," she told Judge Robert Tiffany last week. "He doesn't recall the incident."

Officers responded to a suicide call in Park Rapids to find a combative Ellison trying to "commit suicide by cop."

He was trying to provoke officers into shooting him, Park Rapids Police Chief Terry Eilers said at the time.

Officer Justin Frette will undergo shoulder surgery next week to repair a rotator cuff.

"Yeah, he ripped 'er up pretty good," Eilers said in a recent interview. Frette has been off work for two months.

Dan Kruchowski, Hubbard County's K-9 officer, suffered a wrist injury. Initially thought to be a break, Sheriff Cory Aukes said it turned out to be a severe sprain. Kruchowski lost a couple weeks of work, Aukes said.

Officers injured on the job generally have their medical bills fully paid under Workers Compensation.

But their wages are only reimbursed at 60 percent, so they must use vacation and sick time unless they can afford to take a cut in pay during their recovery.

Because of the serious nature of Frette's injury, Ellison's complaint has been amended to include the more serious charge of 3rd Degree Assault. He was initially charged with two counts of 4th Degree Assault on the officers.

Frette was kicked as he was assisting Ellison into the ambulance, the complaint states. Kruchowski was knocked to the ground as he tried to subdue Ellison.

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