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System could bring in snow

Mark Anthony

Light snow moved across parts of Minnesota Tuesday night and again on Wednesday.

Often, weather is driven by warm fronts and cold fronts along with areas of low pressure at the surface. Sometimes, however, weak pulses of energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere can trigger rain and snow. We had a series of weak waves of energy that pushed through on Tuesday and Wednesday and that brought light snow to the region. Highs on Wednesday were in the 30s across the state. Park Rapids hit 33 degrees for a high.

By Wednesday night we had some partial clearing skies across the state as high pressure built to our west. Some scattered light snow fell once again across parts of northern Minnesota, however, due to one of those weak waves sliding through that part of the state.

Overnight lows were well above average as they fell only into the teens. Normal lows this time of the year are in the single digits.

For Thursday, we had a blend of clouds and some sun along with light snow again across parts of northern Minnesota. Highs were in the 30s with a west/northwest wind at 5 to 15 mph. Those winds did help to drop wind chill values into the teens at times.

It will be dry for the most part for the weekend with highs in the 20s and 30s. There is a system that could bring some snow to the state by Sunday night into Monday and Tuesday. Highs will remain in the 20s and 30s during that period.

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Weather history

On this date in 1981 the Park Rapids area had a record high of 47 degrees!

Weather fact

The Empire State Building has been struck by lightning up to a dozen times in a single storm!

Minnesota at a glance forSunday

Moorhead: Low 14; High 31.

Duluth: Low 14; High 30.

Park Rapids: Low 15; High 34.

Minneapolis: Low 20; High 38.

Rochester: Low 16; High 35.

Marshall: Low 18; High 35.


Mostly cloudy, chance of light snow. High 34; Low 23. Winds: S/SW 10-15 mph. Precipitation: Trace - .20".

Monday's sunrise: 7:15 a.m.

Monday's sunset: 5:53 p.m.

Normal high: 27.

Normal low: 4.

A weather disturbance will push through late Sunday into Monday that could bring some snow to the state of Minnesota.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, 20 percent of light snow mainly early. High 37; Low 23. Winds: SW/W 10-15 mph. Precipitation: Trace - .10".

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, chance of light snow. High 36; Low 14. Winds: SW 10-15 mph. Precipitation: Trace - .20".