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DL man gets prison for multiple felonies

A Detroit Lakes man was sentenced Jan. 13 in Becker County District Court on multiple felony charges including violating a domestic abuse no contact order, drug possession and harassment.

Marvin Joseph Bellecourt, 40, of 611 Curry Ave., Detroit Lakes, will serve 44 months (3½ years) in prison on the felony harassment charge, 33 months on the no contact order violation, and 24 months on the drug possession charge, with all three sentences to be served concurrently.

He was also ordered to pay a total of $460 in court fines and fees on the three counts.

Bellecourt was charged in connection with three separate incidents, all occurring in 2011.

Bellecourt was accused of sending multiple voice and text messages to his former girlfriend, many of them threatening violence against her, on Aug. 22. The woman said she was afraid to go home because Bellecourt had been abusive in the past. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to a second complaint, when a police officer attempted to arrest Bellecourt on the outstanding warrant at the Northside Bar in Detroit Lakes on Sept. 11, Bellecourt initially appeared compliant. But after asking if he could smoke a cigarette before being taken to the jail, he allegedly shoved the officer in the shoulder and began to run away.

After a short pursuit, he was apprehended, and a plastic baggie was found on him that was later shown to have contained 5.29 grams of cocaine.

In a third complaint, he was accused of attempting to call his former girlfriend on Sept. 15, in violation of a domestic abuse no contact order. He also allegedly asked his mother to contact the woman on Sept. 16 and 17 in order to get back a truck that she had in her possession. All of the calls were made from the Becker County Jail, and were recorded.

Bellecourt had six prior domestic violence-related convictions on his record from 2004-09.