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'Commit to be Fit' offered at St. Joseph's

Imagine being continuously motivated to be strong, fit, and healthy.

St. Joseph's Area Health Services now offers a new personal training program through Rehabilitation Services to help people achieve their health goals with the help of a personal trainer.

"Commit to be Fit" offers customized training with Angel Clark, certified strength and conditioning specialist/athletic trainer. The focus will be on five components of a healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, belonging, and purpose and reflection.

"Focusing on these five components of a healthy lifestyle really brings together a sense of fulfillment for people as they work to achieve their goals," Clark said.

After an initial health assessment, personal training fees will vary depending upon each person's personalized program. A customized program will be designed based on health history, genetic predispositions, daily routine and the five healthy lifestyle components.

Clark's background in injury prevention and recognition as an athletic trainer has helped her to create a comprehensive personal training program to help anyone who wants to commit to be fit regardless of age, injury or health concerns.

Matt Kaufenberg, Rehabilitation Services Manager, says, "the 'Commit to be Fit' program is a terrific addition to St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Services as well as other initiatives Angel focuses on in the community such as summer strength and conditioning training for area athletes and athletic team training at area schools."

For more information or to learn more about personal training services at St. Joseph's, call 218-255-1289.