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Optimistic but nevertheless a record breaker

The temperature read 54 degrees at Northwoods Bank Thursday afternoon.

Thursday's high was actually 51 degrees, according to National Weather Service meteorologist John Hoppes. "For Park Rapids we only have records for about the last five or ten years so it wouldn't take much to break a record," he said. "The high was 51 degrees at 3:06 in the afternoon.

A lot of those (bank temperature gauges) put their sensors by the concrete so when the sun hits it they get a little high," Hoppes said. And yes, we will pay for the balmy temperatures. "Our climate guy, the best he can see is toward the end of the month, we'll kind of go back to normal or a little below normal," Hoppes said. "We don't store that many records for Park Rapids, but quite a few sites set a record, Fargo, here at the office, in Grand Forks. The records are mostly in the lower 40s so you can be reasonably safe to say you broke a record."

Sarah Smith

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