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Bees are still outside enjoying the unseasonable warmth

The Kent bees have stayed outside all fall, but may make the move to the garage over the holidays. (Brett Kent / For the Enterprise)

Welcome back to the Beehive. Who would have ever thought we would have a 40-degree day in the middle of December?

With the mild temperatures that we have experienced, I decided to leave the bees outside. I have to say, the bees were really flying about as the sun warmed up the hive boxes.

I will tell you why it is so important that the bees take advantage of any day that they can come out and fly. The bee's only concern this time of year, on a warm day, is to get out of the hive and take a cleansing flight.

This is where the bees fly away from the hive and go to the bathroom. The bees will not go to the bathroom inside of the hive box. Once to temperatures cool down, below 35 degrees, the bees will not go to the bathroom until a warm spring day. Can you imagine?

One of the other things the bees are concerned with is doing some house keeping. The bees are busy hauling the dead bees out the front door. They are some tidy little insects.

Last time I wrote a column, I said I would let you know how the transition to the garage went. I still plan to let you know, it is just that it has not happened yet. I am thinking the bees will be in the garage by Christmas. Maybe Brenda will get her remote car starter for Christmas and I will be out of the doghouse just in the nick of time.

Have a great Christmas, and as always, thanks for your interest.