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Man arrested after angry tirade, threats at Park Rapids, Minn., post office

Gabriel Alan Detmers

A Park Rapids man faces a Disorderly Conduct charge stemming from a volatile incident Monday noon at the Park Rapids post office.

Gabriel Alan Detmers, 34, apparently came into the crowded post office to complain that his grandmother's Christmas cards had not been picked up by the carrier, Park Rapids Police Chief Terry Eilers said.

He demanded to know why.

"They evidently weren't in the box outside of the house (at pickup time) so he decided that he would take them down to the post office and stuff them where the sun don't shine," Eilers said.

After a tirade aimed at customers and postal staff, Detmers fled in his pickup truck, Eilers said.

"He shot his mouth off, swore and said he was coming back," Eilers said.

Police officer Dan Garner apprehended Detmers near Walgreens a couple blocks away. He saw a weapon on the vehicle seat and called for help.

Eilers raced to the post office to interview witnesses, then raced to the scene when Garner called for backup.

"So we took him out at gunpoint and searched his car," Eilers recounted. "It was a BB gun pistol but we don't know that. A gun's a gun, whether it's a cap gun or a .45."

Detmers, who has addresses in Laporte and Red Lake, but also lives in Park Rapids with his grandmother, was booked into the county jail.

Park Rapids postmaster Denice Phillips-Kunze said she could not comment on the incident, but said postal employees were all fine Tuesday.

Eilers said Detmers told the post office to return to pick up his grandmother's mail. He was told that was not postal policy.

Detmers allegedly claimed the mail was in the box by pickup time and that the carrier ignored it.

"He was screaming and yelling and made a big scene," Eilers said. "He cursed at post office employees, made a threat to the postmaster herself and left in a green truck."

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