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1 person hurt after deer cause 3-car crash near Bemidji

Three vehicles, occupied by 13 people, were involved in a crash Sunday evening at the Highway 2 bypass near Bemidji, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Just one of the occupants was listed as suffering an injury and another's condition was undocumented in the crash, which happened after multiple deer race across the highway.

State troopers were dispatched to the accident after a call came in at 5:26 p.m. Sunday.

The lead vehicle, driven by 39-year-old Melissa Reid of Bemidji, struck one of the deer.

A second vehicle, driven by 54-year-old Janet Reid of Clifton Forge, Va., struck a deer and a bridge guard rail.

The third vehicle, driven by 65-year-old Ronald Haller of Crookston, struck the rear of the second vehicle.

The State Patrol said the roadway was dry at the time and listed the accident primarily as a property damage report.

However, one of six passengers in Melissa Reid's vehicle was listed as suffering minor injuries.