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Nevis Council passes lowers 2012 levy

In a brief meeting Monday, the Nevis Council adopted a $317,576 budget and final 2012 property tax levy, the $211,962 amount down slightly from this year's amount.

By fund, the city will levy $199,113 in the general fund, $73,672 for general government, $51,770 for streets, $47,786 for police and $25,885 for parks. The fire levy totals $12,849.

The council also approved the law enforcement services agreement with the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department, following review by city attorney John Masog, who recommended no changes.

Mayor Paul Schroeder referred to one of the agreement terms that states, "Services shall be provided by assignment of a full-time deputy to service the city and surrounding area. The city and county acknowledge and agree that although the primary responsibility is to the city of Nevis, the deputy when on duty will be available to make calls outside the normal patrol area."

"We need to be sure we are getting our fair share of service," Schroeder said. "I don't want to pay for a Hubbard County officer if he's not in the city.

"But it's going well," he acknowledged. "You can't beat Jeff (Stacey) as an officer."

The city will pay $73,034 each year for services in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In other action, the council:

n Learned the municipal liquor store's net income in November was $1,234. "We are $45,800 ahead of last year in the liquor store account," Schroeder pointed out.

n Agreed to address cemetery rate changes at next month's meeting.

n Learned water tower painting may be on the horizon next summer.

n Approved $3,000 be allocated for fire department jackets from the Nevis Fireperson's Relief Association Gaming Fund.

n Learned the skating rink was expected to open by week's end.