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Hotel developer commits to deal on Lake Bemidji south shore

The south shore of Lake Bemidji is planned to be a mixed-use development featuring commercial, office and residential uses. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Project will connect to convention center

A new hotel will be built on Bemidji's south shore after a developer accepted the city's counteroffer, City Council Roger Hellquist said Wednesday afternoon.

Details of the agreement are expected this week.

Hellquist said the city has email and verbal confirmation with the developer and was awaiting a signed agreement.

"Hopefully this will spur additional development down there," Hellquist said.

The hotel will be attached to the Sanford Center's Neilson Convention and Conference Center, which anchors the city's 141.5-acre south shore development along Lake Bemidji.

The agreement will mark the second hotel planned for the area. Edgewater Group is currently finalizing plans for a DoubleTree Hotel to be attached to the east side of the Green Mill.

The Bemidji Economic Development Authority met in a closed session Monday evening to consider potential offers for the hotel. Two developers had proposed hotels that would be attached to the Sanford Center. Only one could be constructed attached to the facility.

One proposal was for a Cambria Suites and one was for a Country Inn & Suites. Both would include a restaurant.

One of the developers rejected a counter-offer from the city so the same offer was made to the second developer, who has agreed to the terms.

The newest proposals replace a previously planned Holiday Inn Resort, which will not be constructed.

"This has all of the pieces in place," Hellquist said. "This is a go."