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Sex offender sentenced on new charge of stolen goods

Joshua Joe Dexter

A convicted sex offender who left behind a list of amends found during his latest arrest is still trying to reform.

But a Hubbard County District Judge remains skeptical based on Joshua Joe Dexter's track record.

Monday Dexter was sentenced on his latest charged, Receiving Stolen Property and a probation violation.

"He would like the court to consider 90 days," not 120 days, public defender Jennifer Nelson implored Judge Robert Tiffany.

"He would like to change his life and not be before this court," Nelson said. "He is trying to get away from the drugs, which led him here."

"It's been kind of an awakening," Dexter, 30, told the court. "I'm going through (chemical dependency) and sex offender treatment. I have a church group trying to put me through trade school. I'm in an AA group. I'd like to get me out and get me involved in those programs. I have a positive mindset."

"I truly hope you have had this awakening you reference," Tiffany said from the bench. "Your record suggests otherwise... There's a deterrent effect every day you serve in jail."

Dexter's troubled past consists of a litany of convictions for various crimes, mostly for alcohol-related and traffic offenses.

But a 2000 conviction for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 3rd Degree is what earned him the lifetime label as a serious sex offender.

Earlier this fall the town of Akeley held a public hearing to alert the populace that Dexter was planning on moving there.

He never relocated. He was jailed for the stolen property charge at the time. That brought the probation violation charge. He'd been placed on probation for an assault charge and was to remain law-abiding.

"You need to really put yourself into probation," Tiffany told Dexter. "You can't just ride along."

Dexter will be given 63 days credit for the time he has served since his latest arrest.

He will be placed back on probation for five years and must make $1,308 in restitution for the stolen goods. He was also fined $300 and ordered to pay a $75 fee and a $10 law library charge.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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