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A prince on a ...Harley? N.D. native gets royal visit

Prince Harry & Dan Dvorak

As manager of a Harley-Davidson rental business in Scottsdale, Ariz., Dan Dvorak has seen his share of celebrities.

But he got a royal thrill last week, when Prince Harry of England stopped by to rent a Harley for a ride to Las Vegas.

Dvorak, who grew up in Park River, N.D., said he was contacted last Friday by the prince's personal body guard about renting a Harley.

About an hour later, the prince, his body guard and the rest of his entourage showed up at EagleRider Phoenix, which is part of Hacienda Harley-Davidson in Scottsdale, Ariz.

"He was interested in a one-way rental," Dvorak said, who added that they spent about an hour at the shop, filling out paperwork, looking around at the Harleys and visiting with the staff.

While the prince wasn't interested in buying anything, he and the body guard each rented a Harley Softail for a 24-hour period, at $20 per hour, to be dropped off in Vegas.

"He's a real nice guy," Dvorak said. "He joked around with his entourage. He was real polite."

Dvorak said the prince knew what he was doing when he got on the 1600-cc bike.

"He was just like any other 27-year-old, and really excited to go for a ride."

Started at an early age

Dvorak, who graduated from Park River High School in 1999, started riding a dirt bike when he was 10.

His father, Damian, got him started, according to his mother, Janet.

"They used to hill climb," she said. "Damian was a big hill climber."

They often ran the annual Eagle Run Hill Climb, on a 180-foot hill near Fordville, N.D.

Dvorak also entered hill-climb competitions throughout the Upper Midwest, including Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri.

Eventually, he traded in his dirt bike for a Harley.

About four years ago, he moved to Phoenix, where he attended motorcycle repair school.

Dvorak said he was instructed by Prince Harry's bodyguard to be discreet, to not tell anybody about his visit until this week.

"He didn't want to be followed to Vegas," he said. "He just wanted to ride."