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DAYS GONE BY: 1911:16,000 hunters to set deer slaughter record

Excerpts taken from the Park Rapids Enterprise. These entries are taken verbatim to preserve the flavor of the stories. That includes spelling errors and often, missing names.

100 years ago

Road contracts let

Jas. Wilkins and John Moran were successful bidders Tuesday

At the meeting of the Board of Commissioners held Tuesday two road contracts were let that will result in material improvement to the roads leading into Park Rapids. Since the advent of the auto the road at the head of Long Lake has been in condition to cause concern for all who travel that way. The hills and narrow road across the fill have the place a dangerous one. The total cost of the work including the extension of the steel culvert will be $595.56. Jas. Wilkins has that contract.

A half mile strip beginning near the Batcheller home south of town, and extending to the railroad track will be graded. The contract price is $388.85 including one culvert. John Moran has that contract.

Nov. 16, 1911

16,000 hunters in the woods

Executive Agent Rider expects present slaughter to break all records for Minnesota

Not in years have conditions for hunting big game been so prosperous as now.

And this together with the fact that no less than 15,000 hunters are tramping the woods of northern Minnesota, causes H.A. Rider executive agent of the game and fish commission to prophesy that more deer and moose-despite the one to a man limit-will be shot this year than ever before in the history of the state.

70 years ago

Oct. 30, 1941

First snowfall

First snow of the season fell on Wednesday, most of it melting as it fell, although there was a white trace on the ground this morning.

"Our first snowfall for 2011 was during the evening hours on November 9, 2011, and was mostly gone by midmorning on the 10th. Much to my dismay; I am still waiting for the big snowstorm of the century to happen in my neighborhood. Of course I want to be home snuggled on the couch with a good book and my blanket watching out my big picture window as it comes down and accumulates on my front lawn."

November 6, 1941

Man-hunt follows slugging and theft at gasoline station

Sheriff E.C. Churchill Captures One Bandit Single-handed; Posse Seeks Accomplice in Woods Near Two Inlets.

A man-hunt of sizeable proportion has been under way here since Sunday, following the slugging early that morning a filling station attendant and theft of $75 at the Shell Prairie Oil Co.

One youth of 17 is in the county jail as a result of the hunt and his 18 year old accomplice is still being south in the swamps and wood near Two Inlets.

50 years ago

Nov. 16, 1961

13-year-old hunters show how it's done

Hunters who haven't yet bagged their deer would be well advised to have a talk with Roxanne Jokela or Roger Rousu.

It took Roger, 13, only until 7:55 on opening day to get his deer, his first one, a 150lb spike buck. He's the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Rousu.

Roxanne, also 13, and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Jokela brought down a 12-point 245 lb. buck. She fired two shots from a SINGLE SHOT 45-70 Army rifle, and hit her target both times!