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Minnesota man confesses to shooting Cass Lake area dogs earlier this week

A man suspected of killing two dogs in the Cass Lake area has been identified and could be charged next week, a Hubbard County sheriff's deputy said Friday.

Deputy Bill Schlag said he identified a suspect on Thursday night and talked to the man, who confessed to shooting dogs Monday.

Schlag notified Corey Lindgren on Thursday night about the confession and told the Bemidji Pioneer that a criminal report has been forwarded to Hubbard County prosecutors to consider charges.

"The dog owners seem to be very happy it's been solved," Schlag said Friday.

Lindgren owned Frank, a Boxer, and also was looking after Dozer, a chocolate Labrador retriever, when they were shot in his yard Monday. A few miles away, Colleen Wells' dog, Ramses, was shot Nov. 2.

It's unclear whether that shooting has been solved. Despite the proximity of the shootings, Wells reported the killing to the sheriff's office in Cass County, where she lives. Wells said late Friday afternoon she had not heard anything about her dog's killer.

The deputy declined to provide more details about the suspect but said the man lived near Cass Lake.

"I'm glad he didn't tell me who it was," Lindgren said Friday evening. "I probably would be the one in jail... I'm still upset about my dogs."

Lindgren said he hopes the exposure of the incident and the subsequent follow up by sheriff's officials will discourage anyone thinking of shooting another person's animal.

"Nobody deserves to have their dog shot," he said. "It makes me happy law enforcement does their job and they do a good job at it."