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Officers find list of amends in search of residence

Joshua Joe Dexter

It seems a convicted sex offender had tired of his wayward life and was contemplating making amends when he was re-arrested earlier this month.

Joshua Joe Dexter, 30, was recently the subject of a public meeting to alert Akeley to his move there as a Level 3 sex offender.

Dexter's troubled past consists of a litany of convictions for various crimes, mostly for alcohol-related and traffic offenses.

But a 2000 conviction for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 3rd Degree is what earned him the lifetime label as a serious sex offender.

A woman who refused to identify herself attended the public hearing in Akeley and sat in Hubbard County District Court taking notes.

When asked if Dexter was a dangerous person, she relied, "No, I don't think he's dangerous."

On Oct. 4, officers executed a search warrant at the Akeley residence Dexter had barely moved into. They were looking for items taken in a Becker County burglary.

They found, according to Dexter's most recent complaint, a lawn tractor, weed whacker, chest freezer, satellite receiver, battery charger, stepladder, air compressor, tackle boxes, hand tools and power tools.

Drug paraphernalia, pipes and a white residue were also seized and sent for analysis.

But then officers found a hand-written diary.

In it was a "new to do list," according to the complaint.

On the list were the following notes:

n "Call P.O. (probation officer) admit using"

n "Turn self in for burglary"

n "Brake (sic) and entering admit wrong ask for help"

And lastly:

n "Serve time."

He is charged with possession of stolen property and drug paraphernalia.

Dexter's public defender Jennifer Nelson could not be reached for comment.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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