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Perham hospital takes on fresh face with new name, logo

Perham Health

Perham's hospital is entering into a new era of care. Along with an upcoming transition to a new building, the hospital is also changing its name to reflect its mission.

As of Oct. 1, Perham Health is the official name of the hospital, while Perham Living is the title given to the hospital's home care unit.

"With the new hospital, the focus is going to be a little bit more on health, wellness and healing - not just treating sick people," said Perham Health CEO Chuck Hofius.

Before the new logo and names were chosen, the hospital put together a focus group comprised of community members. Their feedback drove the hospital's move toward its recent decision.

Hofius said community members relayed to the hospital's administrative team that keeping the Perham name was the right move.

"We talked about the strong local reputation, and they wanted the word Perham to stay," he said.

The same was true for Perham Living, the name given to the former Perham Memorial Home. The home care facility is nationally recognized for its progressive initiatives among those in the field.

"We have a strong state and national reputation for a very different model of care that most nursing homes don't have," Hofius said.

That model of care centers on an atmosphere that is comfortable and carries similar aesthetics to that of a normal home.

"We've completely changed the way people live," he said. "We're focusing on living - not on someone's disabilities."

The second opinion heard loud and clear from the focus group was the need for the Sanford brand to be included. In the hospital's new logo, Sanford rests below "Perham Health."

Hofius said the focus group discovered that community members felt reassured with the hospital being backed by the Sanford name.

While co-branding with Sanford is new for the hospital, its partnership certainly isn't - it's been managed by Sanford since 1985, though it was then known as Merit Care. That's a bonus for many who seek care at Perham Health, as it allows the hospital to reach into a wide pool of experienced healthcare specialists.

While the new name and logo are now visible at the hospital's current site, Hofius doesn't expect the digital sign at the new location to be erected until Nov. 1.

The new name will impact all Sanford Health clinics in Perham, New York Mills and Ottertail. The East Ottertail Pharmacy will now be known as Perham Health Pharmacy, as well.