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Hubbard County 4-H winners announced in State Fair competition

Alexandra Smith (Submitted photo)

Hubbard County 4-Hers received ribbons for their projects at the Minnesota State Fair.

Minnesota 4-Hers must qualify to exhibit a project at the State Fair by receiving an award of excellence placing during their county fair. At the county level a 4-H member may show several projects - and earn awards of excellence - but generally only one project can advance to the "big show" - the Minnesota State Fair.

The four petals of the 4-H clover represent Hands, Heart, Head, and Health.

Six different colored award ribbons are handed out at the State Fair, each color signifying something different:

Champion: project is selected top in class

Reserve Champion: project is selected second place in class

Purple: project meets all of the standards of excellence

Blue: project meets most of the standards of quality

Red: project meets some of the standards of quality

White: project meets few of the standards

4-Hers participate in a process called conference judging. Conference judging allows the 4-Her and the judge to "talk" about their project, while the project itself is not evaluated. The exhibitor talks with the judge about the experiences and knowledge that they have learned as well as what their plan for the future is. Often the conference judging is done in groups of 4-6 exhibitors in the same project area; the judging provides a platform for 4-Hers to glean skills in teamwork, presentations, and knowledge of the project.

Minnesota 4-H provides over 15,000 total nights of lodging to young people during the course of the fair. Many bunk in the 4-H Building on Cosgrove Street which is affectionately known as the "4-H Hilton." Other sleeping slots include the dorms above the livestock barns and Bailey Hall on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.

The 4-H Building is three stories tall. There are 76 steps leading to the top floor of the 40,000 square foot building. The 4-H building is also the only fully-accessible multi-level building on the State Fairgrounds.

The 4-H program is funded through a partnership of federal, state, county and private resources and is part of the University of Minnesota Extension.

Hubbard County state participants


CH - Champion (used only for livestock)

RC - Reserve Champion (used only for livestock)

PR - Purple (optionally used, at the judge's discretion, to designate the top exhibits in a class)

BL - Blue (not ranked in any listing)

RD - Red (not ranked in any listing)

WH - White

PA - Participation

HC - Honor Court (only used for Fashion Revue)

Kelsey Adolphson, fashion revue - clothes you make - grade 9+, PA

Kristina Carpenter, quilting - grades 6-8, RD

Neka Davis, shop/wood science - Gr. 6-8, BL, commercial cow/calf, BL, class 10 - cow/calf intermediate showmanship, PA

Savanna Day, veterinary science - grades 6-8, BL

Jacob Engst, self-determined - grades 6-8

Jesse Engst, fishing sports - grades 9+, BL

Joseph Engst, aquatic robotics, PA, fine arts - grades 9+, BL

Michelle Farlee, crafts - grades 9+, BL

Hubbard Rustlers, club banner, RD

Zachary Johnston, aquatic robotics, PA

Abigail Jokela, fashion revue - clothes you buy - grades 9+, PA

Chance Jokela, food preservation - grades 6-8, BL

Kako Taylor, robotics - grades 6-8, RD, aquatic robotics, PA

Jerrod Keranen, common black face - February ewe lamb, BL

Jessica Keranen, other small breed purebreds - junior doe, BL

Stephanie Keranen, common black face - yearling ewe, BL

Bethany Kern, demonstration - team, BL, home environment - grades 9+, BL

Faith Kern, demonstration - team, BL, consumer education - grades 9+, BL

Susannah Kern, child and family development - grades 6-8, BL

Sarah Kuismi, fine arts - grades 6-8, BL

Blake Montzka, crafts - grades 9+

Danielle Novak, chickens - bantam breeding pen (class 3), RD, quilting - grades 6-8

Kristine Pierce, clothes you make - grades 6-8, RD

Sandra Pierce, class 21 - beef heifer senior showmanship, PA, commercial fall calf, RD

Alexandra Smith, chickens - market pen (class 1), PR, flower gardening - grades 6-8, RD

Bridget Taylor, veterinary science - grades 9+, RD

Calvin Taylor, shop/wood science - grades 6-8, BL