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Cycle rider hurt leaving Park Rapids on charity run

Numerous people were on hand to assist a woman injured when the motorcycle she was riding on tipped at an intersection west of Park Rapids Saturday evening. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

A motorcycle passenger on a charity ride was taken by ambulance Saturday to St. Joseph's Area Health Services after the bike she was on tipped west of Park Rapids.

And the leader of the group she was in had angry words for the vehicle be-hind the bike that caused the accident at the inter-section of County Road 28.

"He had to turn way too fast because that car almost ran him down," Chris Ridley said of the vehicle, which left the scene.

The driver did not appear to have been injured, just scraped up a bit. Ridley said he was turning north on County 28 and using his signal when the driver behind him bore down on him and he had to make the sudden turn, dumping his passenger.

Hundreds of motorcyclists converged on down-town Park Rapids earlier in the day for a rally on Main Avenue.

The injured woman was not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

The State Patrol, Park Rapids police and Hubbard County authorities responded to the crash, then were called away on an-other incident.

"You've got to get a life to save a life," Ridley said, reminding motorists to watch out for bikes on the road. The accident occurred around 4:15 p.m. one mile west of Park Rapids.

Sarah Smith

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