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DAYS GONE BY: 1941: 'A Hillbilly Wedding' with singers, dancers, performed in Akeley

Connie Carmichael

Excerpts taken from the Park Rapids Enterprise. These entries are taken verbatim to preserve the flavor of the stories. That includes spelling errors and often, missing names.

100 years ago

July 6, 1911

Sigdal stevne at Fergus Falls draws visitors from seven states

A sigdal stevne, a reunion of the people from the Sigdal district in Norway, was held in this city with an attendance of several hundred persons, visitors being present from Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Montana and Washington, as well as from all parts of Minnesota.

The reunion had been called on the suggestion of A. B. Pederson of Rothsay, and Mr. Pederson was chosen chairman and Gilbert T. Hagen, editor of Vesterheimen, of Crookston, acted as secretary and treasurer.

The deligates were welcomed to the city by Mayor Anderson, and listened to a number of open air addresses in the afternoon. A permanent organization was formed and reunions will be held each year hereafter.

70 years ago

July 10, 1941

Home talent play at Akeley next Thursday, Friday

Plans are well under way for the home talent musical farce, "A Hillbilly Wedding," which is to be presented in Akeley on Thursday and Friday evenings, July 17 and 18, under the auspices of the Akeley P. T. A.

The plot concerns Captain Henry of the Showboat Dixie Bell, who is coming home to be married after being away for thirty years. He is met at the levee by all of his old friends, but at the last minute some difficulty develops concerning his bride.

The name of the "bride" is being kept a state secret, but it is definitely known that "he" stands well over six feet in her stocking feet.

Included in the cast are musicians, singers, dancers, blackface comedians and a gorgeous wedding party made up of a host of men dressed as lovely ladies of the day.

And outstanding feature will be an all-men dancing chorus known as "Minnie and her dimpled darling dancers." A variety of specialty acts is on the bill. About a hundred people from Akeley and vicinity are included in the cast.

50 years ago

July 20, 1961

The Antlers Restaurant has a "new look"... it's gone western

A Western-Style porch has been added to the front of the restaurant, providing a fitting backdrop for the old "chuck wagon" which graces the front lawn.

Lee and Maxine, owners, introduced "chuck wagon eating" to the Park Rapids Region in May when they opened the popular eating place for the season.