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Historical exhibits depict heritage

Learn, explore and discover at the Hubbard County Historical Museum. Located on the corner of Third Street and Court Avenue in the historic Hubbard County Courthouse, the museum is more than just a rainy day trip. With 12 rooms filled with fascinating exhibits, each room depicts a different aspect of early life in the area.

Attend classes at the Trout Lake School, wander through the settlers cabin and imagine how much fun (and work) it was to be a pioneer 130 years ago. Learn about John Smith, the Ojibwe chief who lived to be over 137 years old. Stumble into the tool shed and realize why it took people like Paul Bunyan to tame northern Minnesota, And don't forget to explore the Ira Benham Resource Center.

In addition, the museum has an extensive library of genealogy, military and Minnesota history.

Summer hours from May through September 30 are 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Museum director is Connie Henderson. Visit the website at www.hubbard