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Family establishes Nevis community emergency fund

When Brian and Sarah Halik's home was destroyed by fire in February, the owners of Nevis' Northwind Grocery were besieged with offers to help.

They came despite assurances from the Haliks that they were fully insured and suggestions that donations be directed to a charity.

The recommendations fell on deaf ears.

A variety of fundraisers and shows of support ensued, mayor Paul Schroeder issuing an invitation to the community to help the family of five.

Monday, mayor Schroeder said thank you to the Haliks, who have donated $3,781.75 to open a "community emergency fund" for victims of home fires.

"This is a class act," Schroeder said of the donation he said is intended "for those less fortunate.

"A lot of good things happen in our small town," he reflected.

In other action, the council:

n Approved allowing the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Muskie Park during the Pig Races and Muskie Days, July 22-23.

The council agreed to extend on-sale liquor consumption to the liquor store parking lot for summer events, and sale of liquor on Sunday, to accommodate the July 10 pig races.

The council also approved a first-of-its-kind "Municipal Liquor Store Committee Duties and Responsibilities" and "Manager Guidelines and Expectations" manual.

The guidelines include general protocol for working expeditiously and graciously with clients as well as prohibiting alcohol consumption by staff while on duty.

The liquor store reported earnings of $6,713 in May.

n Reported the beach retaining wall continues to deteriorate, the other side now "sagging."

Maintenance supervisor Don Umthun suggested budgeting for a "long-term solution," proposing poured concrete footings.

n Issued a "big thank you" to the Uffda Days committee for painting Muskie Park.

The council agreed to spruce up the Muskie Park sign in the wake of the improvements.

n Approved sharing half the cost of crack filling on Woodland drive with Nevis Township; the city's share is $250.

n Learned the fire department is applying for a $3,000 DNR grant to purchase a hose, drop tank and pager. The department's share is $1,500.