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Akeley Civic & Commerce group is dissolving

A 60-year-plus chapter in Akeley's history appears to be coming to an end.

The council learned this week the Akeley Civic & Commerce is in the process of dissolution, declining membership and businesses moving or closing cited as the factors in the decision.

Kathy Duclos, the C&C secretary and one of four remaining members, said when she and husband Mike moved to Akeley in 2007, there were 34 active members in the organization.

At the time, Paul Bunyan Days committee members were part of the roster, she said. The summer celebration is now run by a committee independent of the C&C.

Three projects for which funds have been committed will be completed, she said. These include finishing the inside and outside of the old depot, erecting a new lakes area sign and fulfilling a pledge to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority for a donation to build a new rest area in the northwest corner of Paul's Patio park.

The C&C will pay for Paul Bunyan Days insurance this year and fund the C&C portion of the website another year, the memo states.

The C&C will use approximately $4,000 for the projects and a $5,000 CD will remain, Duclos said.

Funds for projects have been raised through the September Hay Days, fish fries, a booth at Paul Bunyan Days, the summer markets and T-shirts, she said.

Duclos noted while C&C numbers have declined, the Akeley Lions continue as a viable community resource, 38 members strong.

According to Frank Lamb, the C&C formed in the late 1940s, the impetus behind the first Paul Bunyan Days. While membership numbers have varied, the C&C has survived through the decades, until now.