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Woodbury bachelor party ends in gun threats

A Woodbury bachelor party that began getting messy in St. Paul ended up with a felony charge for a 31-year-old man by night's end.

Washington County prosecutors charged Jason Kelly Gordon, of New Hope, with one count of terroristic threats and one count of disorderly conduct following a May 1 disturbance outside a Woodbury residence.

Police were called at 3:19 a.m. to the 10000 block of Grand Forest Lane for an unwanted male, later identified as Gordon. Three people outside the residence told police that Gordon had threatened partygoers with gun violence.

According to a criminal complaint:

Gordon vomited in St. Paul while the bachelor party was headed to Minneapolis in a limousine. The vomiting incident led to a fight between Gordon's girlfriend and an unknown female.

Gordon and his girlfriend were left in St. Paul to avoid further problems inside the limo.

When the party returned to Woodbury, a 28-year-old male partygoer received a call from Gordon admonishing him for being left in St. Paul. Gordon told the man he wanted all of his belongings placed outside the house by the time he arrived.

If his orders were not followed, Gordon allegedly said he would "kick down the door and shoot everyone" with a gun in his car. Gordon allegedly made similar threats over the phone during his return trip from St. Paul.

A 30-year-old man met Gordon outside the Woodbury residence in an attempt to calm the situation. Gordon allegedly repeated his threats to kick down the doors and "shoot everybody." Another man at the party called 911 after hearing the yelling.

Gordon's girlfriend denied witnessing any argument and that she didn't hear him say anything about a firearm or threaten assault.

Gordon, who has a 2006 DWI conviction and a 2002 domestic assault conviction, was released May 3 from Washington County jail on $3,000 conditional bail that included provisions barring him from contacting the alleged victims.

He is scheduled to make his first court appearance June 2.