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Cheer for Park Rapids campaign nearing the end

Less than two weeks remain to cheer for Park Rapids in a national contest.

Park Rapids has remained in seventh place for most votes in America for the "We Hear You America" contest sponsored by Reader's Digest but other towns are quickly gaining votes.

The hope is to win financial and promotional support. By Tuesday morning, Park Rapids had 391,597 votes. Others aren't far behind. Edinburg, Va. is in eighth place with 375,079 votes, Concord, Mich. with 352,460 and Newberry, Mich. with 336,922.

The Hubbard County Regional Economic Development has been sending out e-mails via its extensive lists and reminding people on a regular basis to cheer for Park Rapids.

Individuals get 10 votes per day, per e-mail address. The contest ends May 16.

Here's how to vote:

1. Go to http://wehearyou

2. Type in Park Rapids, MN

3. Enter registration information.

4. Cheer 10 times. (The first time a person cheers, a window will pop up suggesting rallying Facebook friends. Close out of the window and continue cheering the remaining nine times that are allowed).

More than one e-mail address can be registered.

If Park Rapids finishes in seventh, the city would be the top cheer getter for the population category of 99,999 and under.

The city could receive:

n Promotional opportunities from Reader's Digest

n A visit to the community from Reader's Digest

n A $10,000 cash prize

If Park Rapids slips down to eighth place it would likely not win anything.

Contact Shai Lee at the Hubbard County Regional Economic Development Commission to have someone else cheer with a pre-registered e-mail address. Those who are willing to do extra cheering with pre-registered e-mail addresses are also asked to contact Lee. Her e-mail address is

On the Reader's Digest site, people are encouraged to share a story about Park Rapids or indicate what they think the community needs and what projects would be worthy of the funds. People can also register to win an RV.

"Park Rapids is a great place to raise your kids! Great schools and churches too. A community center would enhance the town," says one entry.

Another says, "Where else can you find so much to do every season?? We have it all! To round out our town, we need a place for seniors and kids alike to enjoy! There isn't enough to do at times and a community center that is open til later in the night is what is needed to keep our kids in town and out of trouble. The Armory is a perfect location! We need your help to make this happen!"

"Great place to live and vacation. Soon opening the Nemeth Art Center formerly the North Country Museum of Arts. Come join the 'ARTS' community of Park Rapids, we have a lot to offer," said another person.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561