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Detention Center gets grant to teach violence prevention to inmates

The Hubbard County Detention Center has received a grant to address violence prevention.

Programs Coordinator Joe Henry announced that he received the $2,000 grant from St. Joseph's Area Community Health Services as part of the Catholic Health Initiatives Mission and Ministry. It will be used to address violence prevention by funding the jail's cognitive thinking skills classes.

Taught by Dr. Mary Frenzel, these classes encourage participants to confront their issues of violence as well as the chemical dependency issues that lead to violence.

Participants are shown how their own poor choices have led to their current situation and what role violence played in getting them arrested. Participants are also given tools to help prevent violent and address violent behavior in the future.

Frenzel is a licensed psychologist who has 20 years of experience working in a prison system. As a staff member at Lake Country Associates she also provides various other mental health services to inmates housed at the HCDC.