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3 appear in court in Roseau County bonfire case

Three men charged in throwing gas on a bonfire, severely burning three people in September in Roseau County, appeared in court Monday.

Mark Gibson, 35, who suffered burns on his hands, arms, face and neck, is charged with negligently causing the fire by throwing a bottle holding gasoline on a bonfire near Swift, Minn., during a party last fall.

Nicholas Soiney, 23, and Kyle Bachand, 21, are charged with aiding and abetting Gibson.

The bottle fell over, spewing flames on Gibson and Keandra Sweetney, 20, and Sandra Ree, 20, injuring them. Others at the scene helped put the flames out on the burn victims.

Gibson and Bachand made initial appearances Monday and will appear with attorneys May 2, a court official said.

Soiney appeared Monday in court with his attorney, Steve Anderson, Warroad, Minn., and pleaded not guilty. He's scheduled for a pre-trial hearing June 6.

The charge against each carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison if they are convicted.