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Officers, SWAT team, responded to two more calls Tuesday evening

It was a little after 8 p.m. Tuesday when the Carlson family was allowed to return home to a stunned neighborhood and officers were told to stand down.

"At 8:10 p.m., we received a call from a female reporting her boyfriend was intoxicated and was threatening to shoot himself. He had already shot one round off," said Sheriff Cory Aukes of a call received from a residence on Hubbard County Road 6.

"Myself and other officers from DNR, the conservation officers, the Park Rapids Police Department responded and found the party had fled into the woods and he reportedly still had a loaded gun with him," Aukes said.

"Search of the area the party ended up, how can I word it, he ended up coming out on his own," the sheriff said. "He was brought to St. Joseph's Hospital where doctors placed him on a 72-hour health and welfare hold."

Officers had no sooner cleared that scene when a call of a hostage situation came in from downtown Park Rapids.

"Shortly after that cleared we arrested a guy downtown where I've got a kid doing false information and he was saying there was a hostage deal so as long as they were all loaded up (the SWAT team)" they were all sent downtown, Police Chief Terry Eilers said. The caller likely will be charged with providing false information to law enforcement.

Sarah Smith

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