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Fourth graders experience Ag Day

American agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities of everyday life ... food, fiber, forests and even fuel. That's the message of National Ag Day, which was celebrated March 15 in Park Rapids.

Producers, agricultural associations, corporations, government agencies and many others across Hubbard County came together to celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture at the Park Rapids Century School.

The University of Minnesota Extension, organizers of Ag Day, along with many committed community members taught seven sessions on how we are all connected to agriculture. County fourth graders learned many new things about how agriculture is a part of their lives; seed germination from Hubbard County Master Gardeners, how a potato becomes a French fry from Mike Mountjoy and Ben Soderberg from RDO, dairy farming from Leo and Lynn Gartner, hog farming from Tanner Becker, Tod Becker and Tony Hilsaabeck from Becker Farms, agricutural services from Josh Burlingame of Prairie Lakes Coop, soil science from NRCS staff Russ Johnsrud, Alicia Laurnus and Rick Bersheid, and youth in agriculture from 4-Hers Jill and Hanna Arvik. Youth also experienced a keynote on "The Future of Ag" by Prairie Lakes Coop staff member Mandy Fischer.

Each year, the Ag Day program gathers members of the agricultural industry in an effort to promote American agriculture. Focused on sharing how agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use and wear on a daily basis, the National Ag Day program helps educate millions of consumers each year.