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Fitness goals set with individual in mind

"My goal is to get people moving and keep them moving," Jerry Snow said of his Life Force Energy and Fitness initiative. He will be heading to Korea soon to attain sport massage certification and additional self-defense instruction certification. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Trainer/educator/advocate Jerry Snow has initiated Life Force Energy and Fitness, offering physical training, bodywork and lifestyle counseling.

His mission: "To facilitate with training, nutrition and education the tools to reach a state of complete fitness that transcends the past, exceeds the present and expedites the future for long life, health and vitality."

Snow headed back to college in 2004 to complete his education, graduating in 2009 with a degree in science education.

Meanwhile, he'd been studying bodywork, including reflexology and massage therapy.

With teaching positions few and far between, he now focuses on fitness training and bodywork.

The certified fitness trainer works with ages "18 to 120" tailoring a fitness program to individual goals. This may entail stretching to calisthenics to weight lifting - "and everything in between."

The initial consultation and fitness program are free. Training sessions then ensue, with adjustments made to the regimen. After the third session, the program is complete. It can be geared to members of a fitness center or for those with no equipment.

Fitness, Snow counsels, requires changing the way you think, eat and live. "Take it one step at a time. And listen to your body.

"The best weight training device is your body," advises Snow, who holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. "It offers primary resistance."

Reflexology, which he offers at 107 Grove Ave. South, Suite 7, is a technique using pressure points on the hands and feet to stimulate relaxation and balance. He often uses integrated techniques - heat, essential oils, reflexology and therapeutic massage - to relieve body trauma and stress.

Fitness training is conducted at 556 Henrietta Ave. North at the Tae Kwon Do school.

Plans call for offering group fitness classes, including classic aerobics, cardio kickboxing, Boot Camp Burn, high intensity interval training and an ab blaster.

"Ninety percent of Americans who start a fitness plan will drop it within the first 30 days," he said. "I'm here to change that statistic. My goal is to get people moving and keep them moving," Snow said.

Head to info@lifeforceener for more information. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment for training and bodywork.

"It takes 21 days to form habits," he said. "If you hold the intention of a life change, apply yourself, the body will want to do it.

"Once people know me, and get over the intimidation of exercise, they will find it easier than expected," he predicts.