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New Nevis mayor's priority will be sewer system

Paul Schroeder

After five years as a member of the Nevis Council, Paul Schroeder will assume the gavel Monday, having been elected mayor in November.

"It's a sickness," he joked of the lure of officialdom.

"We'll see how long before I'm in trouble," he said of being in the forefront of council decision-making.

Ray Melander initially recruited Schroeder for the council post, and he soon found the role of decision making to be enjoyable.

"But I still have just one vote," he said of his role as mayor. "There are five city council members."

Schroeder said a main focus will be to have an informed council; members will be apprised of the issues they will address before the meeting convenes.

"We can't sit back and cry over the reductions in Local Government Aid," he said, admitting it will be a balancing act to provide services while holding down taxes.

He intends to "keep an eye on the budget and where it's going," to assure "we're getting the bang for the buck." Schroeder said he has come to enjoy number crunching and determining a fiscal plan for the city.

One of his priorities will be to plan for the future replacement of the city's aging sewer system.

Schroeder defines his communication as "very direct. I don't beat around the bush."

The first item on the docket will be to find a "good person to run the liquor store." Twenty applications have been received, he said, from "very well qualified people."

Plans call for narrowing the field to four to six for interviews.

Meanwhile, back in his third grade classroom, he said the students aren't impressed by his new title.

The 8- and 9-year-olds have not yet become political pundits.