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Nevis event fills up in record time

The 8th annual Nevis triathlon attracted hundreds of athletes, kids included. When the adults have finished the kids take their turns in different age brackets. At right, even the diaper set competed. Event sponsors contribute thousands of dollars in profits to city and school programs. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

It's not just the athletes who are besting previous times.

Nevis' 2011 Northwoods Triathlon, to be held Saturday, Aug. 13, was filled in record time, seven hours.

Registration for the 9th annual swimming-biking-running event opened online Monday morning and by mid-afternoon spots were filled, with the exception of three relay teams.

Not only did the Nevis event reach the 300-individual, 50-team enrollee maximum faster than prior years, the registration filled at a quicker pace than any multi-sport racing event in the history of the races, according to Minnesota Tri News, who notified founders Paul and Amy Schroeder of the phenomenon Monday afternoon.

"Northwoods makes history..." the Web announcement stated, congratulating the organizers "on creating such a desirable event, one that your community can truly be proud."

"It says a lot about the community and volunteers," Paul Schroeder said. While participants find the course pleasing, he said, "I'm convinced it is the volunteer support." ]

Individuals and civic groups arrive in number to assist with the event that sends athletes into Belle Taine for a swim swim, biking over the countryside and running on the Heartland.

A $10 increase in the entry fees, now $60 for individuals and $100 for teams, did not deter the tri-athletes, Schroeder noted.

The event has raised $10,000 annually in past years and is expected to add $13,500 to the Nevis C&C coffers next summer.

And the triathlon adds to the area's overall tourism economy. Schroeder estimates 80 percent of the participants are from out of the area, many telling him they plan their vacation around the triathlon. And most tri-athletes arrive with a bevy of family and friends to cheer them on.

While the weather has been slightly chilly some years, Mother Nature, as a whole, has cooperated with the venture.