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Animal hoarding cases leave 40 cats, dogs for adoption

Two hoarding cases in Northern Minnesota have resulted in about 40 cats and dogs available for adoption from Animal Allies Humane Society.

In both situations, the pets were voluntarily given up to humane societies in Duluth and in the Twin Cities.

A Duluth man who is losing his house gave up 30 cats that Animal Allies described as overall in good health. He also had been feeding some outdoor cats that were feral, said Carrie Lane, head of the city's Animal Control unit.

"In this case, fortunately the man took good care of the cats," Lane said. "They're healthy and well-socialized. That's outside of the norm. I'm really glad he did call us, for the cats' sake."

Nine dogs that were rescued by the Twin Cities-based Animal Humane Society from a home in Aitkin, last week also are part of the mix. In this case, about 70 dogs were removed from the house and were voluntarily surrendered by owners. These are small-breed dogs including miniature poodle, Chihuahua and miniature pincher, and will be on the adoption floor Tuesday -- but some will need to stay at the shelter for further medical care.

Carrie Libera of the Animal Humane Society said the dogs are going to need special attention. They probably are not house trained, she said, and it might take longer to train them than other dogs. The Humane Society was called in to assist the Aitkin County Sheriff, according to Animal Allies.

Libera said the dogs were living in foul conditions, but have been shaved and bathed, had dental issues addressed and were spayed or neutered.

"These people had great intentions," Libera said. "They're animal people. They knew how to take care of animals; they just had too many of them."

Animal Allies is waiving cat adoption fees and reducing dog fees to $100 through Wednesday. Adoption hours are from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The shelter will be open today because of the influx of animals.