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Nevis' Uff Da! Days organizers receive Touchstone Energy award

Members of the Uff Da! Days Organization of Nevis, Minnesota are front, from left, Naoma Mikel, Linda Rose, Angi Trelstad and back, Bev Flynn, Russ Hensel, Carol Zajaczkowski, Deb Stark and Jim Frank. Not pictured: Barb Sergot. (Submitted photo)

Itasca-Mantrap has named the "Uff Da! Days Organization of Nevis, Minnesota" the winner of the local 2010 Touchstone Energy Community Award.

In appreciation of its community service, the organization will receive an engraved plaque and a $500 check to be donated to a charity of choice.

"Uff Da! Days Organization of Nevis clearly demonstrates a strong commitment to community that we at Itasca-Mantrap value highly," said Itasca-Mantrap Member Services Manager, Jared Echternach. "We are very pleased to recognize their contributions to our local community."

The organization hosts Uff Da! Days, a weekend-long family event in Nevis. The funds raised from the event are donated to charitable concerns in the local area such as the Gloria Van Nyhus Memorial Fund at St. John's Church in Akeley, the Battered Women's Shelter in Park Rapids, the Pam Lindow Scholarship Foundation in Nevis, the Hubbard County Food Shelf, the Hubbard County Animal Shelter and others.

The organization has officially become a legal non-profit and hopes to create more fundraising events year-round.

Itasca-Mantrap sought candidates for the Touchstone Energy Community Award, which recognizes organizations for outstanding contributions to the local community.

Uff Da! Days Organization of Nevis award application will be submitted for consideration in the statewide Minnesota Touchstone Energy Community Award.

The statewide award recipient will be selected from local award winners from around Minnesota.

The winning organization will receive $1,000 to go toward their community cause.

The Minnesota Touchstone Energy Community Award will be presented to the award recipient in February, during the Minnesota Rural Electric Association's annual meeting in St. Paul.