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Black ice creates dangerous driving conditions

BEMIDJI, Minn. - The Minnesota Department of Transportation warns motorists that temperatures below freezing create conditions for black ice, an invisible hazard that catches drivers off-guard and causes crashes.

Black ice can form just about anywhere on a paved highway when the air temperature is warmer than the pavement, which causes moisture to rapidly freeze and creates a thin, transparent layer of ice on the roadway.

Freshly fallen snow can further disguise black ice and create even greater danger.

Motorists should remember to:

• Slow down and turn off your cruise control.

• Slow down on bridges, ramps and overpasses and in the early morning when the air temperature is rising faster than the pavement temperature.

• Use a safe speed for winter driving conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit.

• Keep a safe stopping distance from the vehicle in front of you.

• Keep both hands on the steering wheel, your eyes on the road and your attention on your driving.

• Allow more travel time to your destination. Avoid being in a rush.

• Always buckle up - it's the law and could save your life!