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Nevis to advertise for new liquor store manager

Nevis will begin the search for a new liquor store manager, come December.

Mark Peterson has resigned, accepting a position with Wirtz Beverage. But he will remain in the area, having developed an affinity for the rural lifestyle.

Cammy Johnson will act as interim liquor store manager. The council agreed to advertise the position in mid-December and interview and hire prior to the Minnesota Beverage Association informational "camp" in February.

Peterson initiated several activities to buoy sales, including a monthly themed potluck and bingo.

The liquor store profits moved from negative territory early this year into solid earnings the last few months, with a profit of $1,230 in October, $18,693 year to date.

In other action, the council:

n Approved requesting $10,000 from the Nevis Firepersons Relief Fund to purchase a Jaws of Life.

Three vendors recently arrived in Nevis with firefighters testing the equipment. The low bidder, Great Plains Fire's Genesis Jaws of Life, best fits the department's needs, fire chief Kerry Swenson reported of the $16,064 purchase.

The department's fundraisers for the equipment raised $3,293; the remaining amount is to be paid by the townships served and the city.

Swenson indicated the department will sell the existing equipment, Lake George expressing an interest.

n Reported Matt and Brent Lindow provided assistance in installing the park steps, with the city's cost materials only at $239.

"I want to thank them," Paul Schroeder said. "It was a class act."

n Mayor and council candidates received "congratulations" from outgoing mayor Dave McCurnin. "I'm very happy we had enough candidates running," he said, as opposed to appointing.

n The council canvassed election results, confirming Schroeder's 158 votes for mayor and council candidates John Plumley receiving 120 votes, Thomas Haag, 75. Vern Wolff's name appeared on the ballot, earning 73 votes, but he withdrew because of health concerns.